Our Story

TEA CLAN's Goals and Missions

TEA CLAN, founded in 2017, we are devoted to providing high-quality loose leaf teas and tea sachets to our customers, and most importantly at an affordable price to promote higher living standards and healthy drinking habits for our customers.

OUR goal is to promote healthy drinking habits, we are providing the lowest possible pricing to our customers while maintaining the quality of tea.

We source our loose leaf teas from credible tea suppliers and tea plantations, and the teas are from China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, South America, and Africa, and other countries. We only choose what is best for our customers by sampling all teas and examining all aspects of the teas, e.g. the quality, aroma, taste, finish, and appearance, and etc.

Nowadays, with the progress and stability of human society and economic conditions, people are paying more and more attention to what they consumed, by eating healthy and drinking healthy, we can have a better life.


Tea, as the world's most consumed drink after water and with so many health benefits, should have a unique position when we are choosing what to drink. Our mission is to promote tea culture to everyone.